It’s Summertime!! Yay!!

It’s officially summer and it is  hot! And rainy. Man, is it rainy.  The 4th of July is just right around the corner so I  hope rain doesn’t spoil our fun. I love fireworks and being festive for the 4th.  We usually join a group of friends to watch a fireworks show on the 3rd and then usually swim and grill out on the 4th.  This year Emma and I have been experimenting with homemade popsicles to have as a special treat for the 4th.  We did a trial run and made coconut pineapple, banana, and strawberry.  I wanted to try some key lime pops but got voted down.  I just used some cheep molds that I found while I was out shopping one day.  I have been looking on Amazon to see all the options available. Check out these recipes to try at home. They look so yummy, especially the fudgy pudding pops!





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