Pretty Stuff

Have you seen the Library of Flowers collection of perfume and lotion? It smells so awesome.  I can’t pick my favorite scent. I came across this collection at a little shop in Idaho and I loved it as soon as I smelled the first scent. I spent forever looking through all the box sets and trying all the samples.

IMG_0023-web1_230f62cc-19cb-49ef-9047-6b6a13bc3140_large                          IMG_0007-web1_e1278f3d-261d-46a5-8e20-b38a0316437a_large  LOF-Collection-Header-BestSeller.B_2048x2048

I also got one of these Paddywax candles for my desk at work.  I love all of the scents and really want to get more.


I have heard so much about the Pixi Glow Tonic I had to try it. It is light and gentle but really cleans deep down.  I am on day five so I will let you know how it works once I use it a few weeks.




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