Well Hello!

Today I am writing my first blog post. Can we say excited! The content for this blog has been in my mind for what seems like forever, I’m just technically challenged and didn’t know how to do all the techie stuff to make it happen. But thanks to a few really smart friends that were kind enough to help, here I am.

I have always had a eye for pretty, simple, stuff and could swear I actually invented Pinterest back when I was in college and kept giant books with magazine clippings. Dang, again with the technology issues. So, I decided this is the perfect outlet to share with you all the great stuff that’s out there on social media. Pretty, simple, stuff…. that I hope you love! A place where you can zone out for a few minutes while you sip your coffee and indulge with pics and links of awesome stuff.

So let’s get started! If you are still a little old-school like me, then you have been counting down the days until the new year so you can bust out your new paper planner.  I do love my iPhone and use it for a lot but I can’t resist a good planner and some awesome pens to map out the upcoming year. My most favorite the  Emily Ley Simplified Planner. They sell out quick so you have to order them fast. I also love the Kate Spade calendar collection.

Emily Ley PlannerthHV98NJNJ

I love this Le Pen set to write in my planner with.  They are thin enough that you can write small and come in a ton of colors.

Le Pen Set

If you are looking for a free printable, I found a great one on the Handmade Home blog.   Right now they are offering 20% OFF all of their Handmade Home book series. USE CODE HAPPY2016 AT CHECKOUT. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED!

The Emily Ley Simplified Planner App is also awesome if you are more into using your phone or tablet. I love this App because it includes a daily dinner planner.





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